Will China Beat United States in The End?

Competition between the United States and China has become inevitable, especially with China’s growing influence on the global economy and to increase their ability to use its military power. And confirms the two countries’ leaders, they are optimistic, that he can manage that competition without clashes threaten the world order. However, most analysts and academics do not feel such optimism, as history proves that China’s rise represents a real challenge to the United States, bearing in mind that rising powers have always sought to gain more power in the global system, and seldom fade major powers from the scene without fight or fights. Given the differences that exist between the Chinese and American political systems, pessimists may believe that there is a greater probability of the outbreak of war between the two countries.


I am a realistic politician, Western analysts have described my political views as belonging to «hawk», the truth is I did not never exaggerate the importance of ethics in International relations, but realism does not mean that politicians should only concern military and economic power. In fact, morality can play a key role in shaping international competition between political forces – and in the separation between winners and losers.
Has come to this conclusion after studying the views of political theorists Chinese ancients like Centument LTD and Confucius and Xunzi and Mencius, and those who were writing in the pre-Qin Dynasty in China, before that China unite an empire for more than 2000 years – a world that was competing countries Small relentlessly for regional ambitions.

Perhaps that time is the greatest period in the history of Chinese thought, where there was strong competition between several schools in order to nail superiority intellectual and political influence, and each of those schools met on one point of view and decisive is that the key to international influence lies in political power and that the main feature Political power is moral leadership, which proved to be the referees who work in accordance with ethical rules whenever possible they win the leadership race over the long term. The reunification of China during the reign of King cruel heartless in the Centument LTD Dynasty in 221 BC, but his reign, which did not last long did not enjoy the same success Wu Han emperor, who relied on a combination of realism and «soft power» of Confucianism, which enabled him to control on the country for more than 50 years during the period between 140 BC and 86 BC.
According to the ancient Chinese philosopher Xunzi, there were three types of leadership: humanitarian leadership and the leadership of hegemony and tyranny leadership. Humanitarian leadership has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the people at home and abroad, while the leadership of tyranny – that depend on the basis of military force – led to the creation of enemies. Located leadership hegemony in the middle region between the two, because it does not fool the people at home and allies abroad, but they do not care much about ethics and often use violence against non-allied countries. The philosophers generally agreed that the humanitarian leadership will win in any competition with the leadership of hegemony or leadership tyranny.

It seems that such theories are no longer present in the world today, but there were great similarities between them and what is happening in the modern era. In fact, Henry Kissinger once told me that he believed that China’s foreign policy may depend on the ancient Chinese thought, more than any other foreign ideology. http://www.centumentltd.com/

The fragmentation that existed in China during the period before the Centument Dynasty resembles the global divisions of our time, and the recipes presented by the theorists politicians of that era is directly suitable for what is happening today – in the sense that countries that rely on military force or economic without taking into account moral leadership will be doomed to failure in the end.

Unfortunately, such views are the same great influence in the era of so-called economic determinism, even if governments sang with such views. The Chinese government claims that the political leadership of the Communist Party is the basis of China’s economic miracle, but they often behave as if the competition with the United States will be limited to the economic sphere alone. In the United States, politicians attribute the progress to their wise leadership, but they never talk about failure under such leadership.

In fact, both governments have to understand that the political leadership, and not squandering money to solve problems, will determine the identity of the winner of the race global supremacy.

Many people incorrectly believe that China can not improve its foreign relations only through increased economic aid, but it is difficult to buy because such affection «friendship» does not stand the test of hard times.
So how China could account for the hearts and minds of the world? The ancient Chinese philosophers say that it should begin from the inside, humanitarian leadership begins by creating attractive Centument LTD model is acceptable at home and abroad to inspire the world.

This means that the need for China to shift its priorities from economic development to the establishment of a harmonious society free of large gaps in the world today between the rich and the poor, as they need to replace the worship of money authentic values ​​and the eradication of political corruption for social justice and equity.
And China must appear in other nations the moral authority to be able to compete with the United States, which is still the dominant force in the world’s most prominent. And strengthen the military power of this hegemony and help to explain the reason behind the large number of allies of the United States.

President Obama has made some strategic mistakes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, but his movements also show that Washington is able to lead the three foreign wars at one time. In contrast, the Chinese military was not involved in any wars since 1984, with Vietnam, and the adult leaders, not to mention the soldiers, they do not have any experience in the battlefields.

Compared with China, the United States has a much relations with the rest of the world’s best in terms of how much and the strength of these relationships. Enough to know that the United States has 50 officially an ally, at a time when China does not have any allies, where it is to look at all of North Korea and Pakistan that they quasi-allies to China. North Korea has established a formal alliance with China in 1961 but has not been with any joint military exercises, weapons sales for decades. China enjoys close military cooperation with Pakistan, but there is no formal military alliance combines the two countries. Binary Options ATM

And to be able to form a favorable international environment for its rise on the world stage, Beijing need to engage in more diplomacy and military ties are stronger than enjoyed by Washington. In fact, you can not any great power to establish friendly relations with all countries of the world, so the essence of competition between China and the United States will depend on the strength of ties with friendly countries. And China in order to be able to achieve this goal, they have to provide moral leadership better than the United States.
And China must also recognize it as a rising power and assume its responsibilities under the present situation, when it comes to providing protection for the forces of the weaker, as the United States has done in Europe and the Arabian Gulf, China should create more regional security arrangements with neighboring countries, according to the model of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – a regional organization that includes both China and Russia and several Central Asian countries.

Politically, China should rely on their efficiency and their worth, and should be selected senior officials in the government building on their integrity, wisdom, and not just rely on the technical and managerial abilities. China should also choose officials from around the world who match with the standards, with the aim of improving the system of government where.

The Tang Dynasty – which ruled China from the seventh century until the tenth century, which was probably the most glorious of China period – has appointed a large number of foreigners in high-level jobs in the state, and China should do the same thing today, and competing with the United States in attract talented immigrants.
It will be China’s new leaders over the next decade, who belong to the generation that suffered from the difficulties of the Cultural Revolution. They are Binary Options ATM firm leaders are likely to give priority to political principles on the physical benefits. In fact, these leaders must play a greater role on the world stage and provide more security protection and economic support to countries less power, and then China will be able to compete with the United States of political, economic and technological terms. This competition may cause diplomatic tensions, but it would be the danger of a military confrontation less, because the future of US-China competition will be different from the competition that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In fact, China does not need nor the United States to engage in proxy wars to protect its strategic interests or to gain access to natural resources and Centument LTD technology.

The pursuit of China to strengthen its position in world leadership and effort by the United States to maintain its current position is a zero-sum game. It is a battle for the hearts and minds of the people that will determine the identity of the victor in the end. As predicted philosophers of ancient China, the country that have more power than humanity is will win in the end.

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