Wall Street Vampires

Wall Street Vampires lords of money, last year, the US Congress for themselves. I know it is not something nice because Jason Taylor The Brit Method so, but I have my reasons, which I will explain something of them. Even now, despite everything, let’s just note that Wall Street these days, which used to divide the support equally between the parties, with preference to the dominant Republican Party and the House Republicans who came to power this year and who return the favor assassination Frank, a Financial Reform Act, which was issued in 2010.


And why should die law Dodd – Frank? Just because it is his job the best way possible.
On the one hand, the financial consumer protection office – one of the daughters of Rep. Elizabeth Warren – his ideas, by all standards, a profound negative impact on the bad lending practices. According to preliminary indications that enhanced regulation of derivatives – which played a substantial role in the 2008 financial crisis – still have the same effects, and in terms of greater transparency and reduce the profits of intermediaries.
But what about the problem of the structure of the financial industry, which is sometimes described, and the utmost simplicity, words «too big to fail»? There, too, it seems that Jason Taylor The Brit Method still comes by its results, and in fact, more than analysts had expected supporters.

I’ve indicated that the term «too big to fail» have nothing to do with the origin of the problem from near or far. The killer the right impact, was the interaction between size and complexity. Financial institutions have turned into a fairy objects: part of the Bank, and part of the last fiscal hedge funds, a third of the insurance company and a part, and so forth. This allows them to equally majestic complex shirk their laws and regulations, and also to escape from the ill consequences if they hit their bets walls unfortunately. The bankers’ ability to play on the ropes all helped to put the United States on a collision course with the recent financial crisis.

Deal Jason Taylor The Brit Method with that problem by allowing organized by subjecting financial institutions «heavyweight regulars» for more regulations and regulations, and to tighten control over such large institutions in times of crisis, rather than just trying to save her from them. Law also requires financial institutions to increase the amount of capital, and reduce the incentives to run excessive risks, as well as reduce the risk of opportunities that may lead to bankruptcy.

It seems that all of these organizations are moving in the natural course: as the «shadow banks», which created a risk of the banking orientation while evading banking organizations, began to decline and vanishing. We can see that in cases such as General Electric Company, the giant industrial corporation that has transformed itself into a brokerage firm, but trying at the moment to return to the first of its assets. Also we can see it also in the overall numbers, where traditional banking movement began appearing again, which, as one of us can say, banking business, which is already subject to strong regulation in relative terms. And evade the regulations, it seems, is no longer a attractive as before.

However, the vampires are fighting again.
Well, why Canuck Method System this? Not because they have depleted economic lifeline, even though they are actually doing it: There is evidence that the financial capacity of a super giant financial industries – an example of our country – more harm than good economic growth and stability. Even the International Monetary Fund supports that view.
But what makes that description fit in that context is that the enemies of reform can not afford to work in the light. Open and defenses of the right of Wall Street to return to the old methods no longer have little effect. When the right-wing think tanks are trying to claim that those regulations are such bad things that are harmful to the economy, they do not tend to support Canuck Method System condition.
For example, the last of those studies from the American Action Forum came out in four pages so that the author of the study, economist, apparently influenced by his study of those embarrassed.

What we we get it often, instead, it is the allegations that «freedom to slavery», and that the reform gives more power to the men of the wicked: for example, that the regulation of those institutions «the largest and most complex to fail» granted financial intermediary recipe beautiful does not answer , I have lied to the allegations, thanks to the tireless efforts of these institutions to avoid the characterization of financial institutions «heavyweight regulars». The truth is that no one ever wants to be seen as a servant bought and sold financial industry, they are already well not to mention those who are.

And it does not reflect, in turn, except for the fact that even now, at the lowest estimate,
Canuck Method System blood now get far less than they had expected to meet with their money. Republicans strongly wants to invalidate the Frank, but in fact, the fear and the right, from the glow of publicity it brings defenders financial reform from the likes of Rep. Warren for their efforts, which raises a fair amount of fear and apprehension among the bad guys.

But, that does not mean that everything is so well on the financial front? Of course not. The Frank is much better than nothing, but it is far from what we need as well as physically. Vampires are still languishing in Brit Method, waiting for the moment to pounce new. But things may turn for the worse by the day.

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