US Public Debt 2016

US Public Debt 2016 Singaporean leader known as «Lee Kuan Yew» talks about the problems of America, and starts talking about the US public debt, and he sees that the American politicians, despite all what it seems their differences, are able to find a solution to reduce the level of public debt gradually. It is likely that the seriousness of the US public debt overstated external political reasons, the most important of them for domestic political reasons.

The rise in production efficiency of the US economy overall will lead to the continued rise in US macroeconomic income value, so will the public debt ratio of the value of macroeconomic modest damage limited, as long as the inflation rate remained low as they are it since (2007).

Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew

The public education problem in America «I» a chronic problem not easily eliminated, but recent Channel Ranger studies have shown that if an exception is the children of poor families from the general students, the students who come from better off families, who are about 90 percent of the total students Americans, the level of their abilities at least Koreans or the Finns level students, and the two countries in relation to the capacity of the public educated graduates.

And «I» mention, as it is commonly known, that the American leadership of the universities of the world’s best universities, and university education and above the university has never been and will not be America’s problems.
What about the problem of income inequality in a way sad unacceptable in a wealthy society like America Advanced, and the problem of poor health services to people with limited income?

And the answer that there is a direct relationship between the level of Cash Camp income and the level and quality of education, and overall this is true, but the problem of health services likely she is going to solve.

Then «I» mentions the problem of deteriorating infrastructure of roads and ports sea and air, bridges, tunnels and networks of high-speed trains and means of power transmission and dissemination of the microscopic to the transfer of information and the like fiber structure transfer, and knows all the Cash Camp followers of the US would infrastructure in the US states bad, if it were compared including It is available in Western Europe, Japan and some Chinese provinces.

Observers believe Americans no political link partisan them, that led to the formation of American public debt significantly, and caused the suspension of the tunnels to maintain and update the American infrastructure, minimizing support the education of the poor of their health care, and abandon the Channel Ranger subsidy vocational education, are invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext of the fight against terrorism, but were not the best way to fight terrorism, as will be his statement, then the biggest of the disaster and the greatest, is the invasion of Iraq to achieve an Israeli agenda was the outcome of the birth of the snakes of terrorism in the region were not terrorism-related.

Many of the Americans and others agree with Mr. «I» that America could have the use of advanced technologies to take out «Qaeda» of caves without occupation of the country was unable to who they are told from America, Afghanistan – like Britain – occupation, the problem is greater than the occupation of Kabul and directed «Taliban government »of the Afghan capital, the occupation of Afghanistan became a magnet attracting tremendous force for every young Muslim frustrating looking for fancy enemy that does not cause the same frustration frustrating tormented, the result became the publication does not curtail terrorism. Star Wars Binary Bot

Then followed the disaster, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, which was ruled by a tyrant evil transcendent despot ignorant, but nothing to do with Hulk Saddam and his sons and his regime before or after al-Qaeda and terrorism in the name of Islam, then followed by a series of disasters Vtm disband the Iraqi army and the demobilization of all employees of the police and internal security, and gradually handed Cheney and Wolfowitz and the rest of the Israeli Likud allies in America’s Iraq to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, even Nuri al-Maliki came to power, The maximum all the Iraqi people from non-activists sectarians, creating fertile ground for the revival of terrorism trees planted by «Abu Musab al-Zarqawi», with the help of the Syrian regime and the Iranian regime under the pretext of the fight against the American occupier.

As the invasion of Afghanistan it led to the creation of an attractive magnet for every young Muslim frustrating, led invasion of Iraq and the destruction of all professional institutions in the military and security sectors, to create a larger and wider terrorist problem than what happened in Afghanistan and in Iraq after the invasion of Afghanistan a few years, and passes gene terrorism in Iraq the rule of al-Maliki of Iraq and Syria’s Bashar al-malignant boom, led to the formation of a terrorist swamp heartbreaking found a safe haven on the land of Syria and Iraq. 7 Figure Challenge

Finally, although the invasion of Iraq, which was not a terrorist one, outside the framework of the regime terrorize the Iraqi people with all its components, the most important of America’s biggest economic problems reason, directly or indirectly, is America’s invasion of Iraq.

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