United States is Largest Investor In European Union

United States is Largest Investor In European Union The United States is the largest investor in the 28 EU countries during 2013, with total investments amounted to 313 billion euros, and Brazil came in second place with investments amounting to 21 billion euros. According to figures released yesterday (Friday), the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), in Brussels, amounted to foreign direct investment of the European Union’s value in the rest of the world over the past year 341 billion euros, while the foreign investment value in Union 327 billion countries euro.

European Union
European Union

For the euro zone, it has reached a value of foreign investments in the rest of the world 324 billion euros, while the rest of the world the value of investments reached 299 billion euro in the euro area over the past year, and for foreign investments in the European Union countries.

It has focused mainly on the United States worth 159 billion euros, and offshore financial centers 40 billion euros, and Brazil 36 billion euros, and Switzerland 24 billion euros and Hong Kong ten billion euros, and China eight billion, while Million Dollar Months investment has fallen over the last year with Russia (11 billion euros ), and Canada (one billion euros), and the United States remained the largest parties that continue in the European Union B313 billion euros, followed by Brazil with 21 billion and Switzerland at 18 billion dollars, and Japan ten billion, and Hong Kong eight billion, and Russia also eight billion.

A few days ago, a meeting was held in Luxembourg between US Agriculture Secretary Tom and the European Commissioner for Agricultural Affairs Million Dollar Months, amid questions in Europe about the benefits on the agricultural level of any final agreement on the verge of free trade between the European Union and the United States of America, as Europe is the first importer In the world of the United States of food and agricultural products of all kinds.

He said US Agriculture Secretary: «the way in which negotiations are not classified agricultural materials, but confidence is the possibility of consumer choice for the better, as we offer consumers a choice».
European officials, for their part argue that any free trade agreement must be roughly between the rules and standards between the two economic zones two great, especially in the field of genetically modified material as opposed to deputies Greens in the European Parliament, the idea of ​​establishing a court to decide on any controversial matter between big companies and governments regarding trade material Agricultural.

He says in this regard Million Dollar Months European MP for the Green party group in the European Parliament: «agreement gives large companies the possibility of objection to the Supreme Courts in the EU countries that want to apply the precautionary principle or reject genetically modified crops».

It is worth mentioning that the free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, after its completion will be subject to final approval by the European Parliament. For its part, the Economic and Social Commission of the Council of the European Union in Brussels, said that members of the Committee voted overwhelmingly to support a resolution endorsing the current negotiations between the Single European bloc, and the United States on a free trade agreement, investment and partnership.

Lopez said Alejandro committee spokesman told «Middle East» The members of the Committee voted by a large majority in their last meeting, which took place a few days ago, in favor of support for negotiations with Washington, about a balanced agreement, and called for the need to include the Simple Profits benefits of the agreement evenly companies, workers, consumers and the public .

The committee said that reaching a balanced agreement can contribute to support growth and job creation in the EU opportunities, and about setting a date for future negotiations between Brussels and Washington, the spokesman said that the Commission is not directly involved in those negotiations, although the European Commission, the executive body of the union, is which have powers in consultation on this regard to select it.

The committee said through a statement received a copy of the Middle East, said that the support and support for the negotiating process conditional on not compromising the current level of social, environmental and consumer protection enjoyed by citizens of the European Union.

The commission said it believes that the best available guarantees in this regard that the chapters relating to sustainable development is a powerful chapters, which emphasizes the obligations arising from membership of the International Labour Organization and the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, along with a strong monitoring of civil society mechanism.

Jack Krawczyk decision of the Commission of employers in the European Economic and Social Committee and said that it was imperative that the agreement includes provisions aimed at securing energy supply of strategic raw materials as members of the Committee agreed that the Convention contains specific provisions to support small and medium-sized companies, and maintain public services in the European Union According to the Treaty on which the Single European bloc «We are determined to do our part in the negotiations and at the same time, there must be a continuous and transparent dialogue with civil society in the high-risk light and the need for public support on a large scale on both sides of the Atlantic Economic and Social Committee represents the components various economic and social organized civil society, an institutional consultative body established under the Treaty of Rome in 1957, and comprises 353 members from across the Europe Union and selected by the EU Council. In the second half of last month, held in Washington, the fifth round of negotiations between the United States and the European Union on a free trade agreement and partnership investment, and discussed issues related to trade in goods, services, investment and regulatory issues, health and Simple Profits measures, government procurement and intellectual property rights, electronic commerce and communications and environment and labor, small and medium energy, raw materials and institutions.

The Commission said that the stakeholders of non-governmental organizations and groups defending consumers, trade unions, business, professional bodies and civil society organizations, rights, and others from both sides of the Atlantic, took part in a meeting with the negotiating teams to exchange views on the topics raised during the negotiation and listen to different points of view, and said the Commission : «This comes within the framework of ongoing efforts to listen to the point of view as much as possible of the owners of Convention-related interests to move forward on the path of negotiation», and negotiations were launched between the two sides in July 2013 and held in Brussels, mid-March (March) the past , the fourth round of negotiations, and stressed the two sides, on the common commitment to explore ways to help small and medium-sized companies to take advantage of the agreement between the two sides.

The view of the European Commission, that a comprehensive convention for trade and investment could be European GDP increase by between 0.27 per cent and 0.48 per cent, national product of the European and income, by as much as 86 billion euros, according to figures released by the European Union, will This ambitious agreement to achieve the gain of the European family every year will reach 545 euros, and will strengthen the European economy by between 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent of GDP, or 119 billion euros a year.

During the US-EU Summit in Brussels, late March, was to discuss developments in the series of negotiating the incident is currently between the two sides on a free trade agreement and partnership investment and knew summit of an American message of the European public opinion that this agreement will not have any negative consequences on the environment and health, but It will have the benefits of development and investment for the citizens in the two shores of the Atlantic, and also the global economy, according to the words of US President Barack Obama, said at the closing press conference: «will not sign the Convention can have damage to the environment and health. He visited Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, a few weeks ago, the United States, and on the sidelines of the visit, Barroso said: «our economic relationship is the strongest in the world, accounting for nearly half of global GDP and nearly a third of world trade, and nearly $ 2.7 billion of inflows business day, and there is investment to $ 3.7 trillion across the Atlantic, and there are job opportunities, strong links between Simple Profits companies and businessmen.
He also said that the partnership and the completion of a free trade agreement across the Atlantic to unleash more potential, which means good news for citizens of the two sides, but also for the global economy as a whole.

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