The Expansion Of Electric Vehicles Markets

The Expansion Of Electric Vehicles Markets Much competition among international auto companies to produce electric car, with tax exemptions for this type of car, compared to the high taxes on conventional cars, and growing complaints of carbon dioxide emissions than conventional cars. The Phoenix Trading competition between companies is electric cars on two specific areas: the price and the possibility of downgrades to compete with traditional car prices, and the distance traveled by car without having to stop to charge the battery.

Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles

President of the company «General Motors» Mary announced at the trade show for consumer electronics, which opened last week in Las Vegas, put car «Chevrolet Bolt» Electrical 2017, which she described as the most important car produced «Chevrolet» model over the past decades. And »Bolt» from relatively small in size and five-door cars. The estimated price of less than $30 thousand, net of federal tax value to encourage electric cars. It is a price a significant challenge for the company «Tesla» US electric cars the most popular in the United States, which has a price of its cars rate of more than 70 thousand dollars for the car, which is not price traditional rival of the car, which reduced its Phoenix Trading market in the United States.

And compete «Bolt» car company «Tesla» also in the length of the distance traveled by car without charging the battery, the distance traveled by car «Bolt» of 200 miles without the need to charge the battery, in the Phoenix Trading event of a full charge of the battery in advance, while the extent of cars distance Model «Tesla Q» about 240 miles.

In 2015, the number of conventional cars that burn fuel in the world’s 1.2 billion car. The top five states use the electric car, is the United States, China, Britain, Norway and Japan. It is interesting that Norway is an important oil-exporting countries, but are based tax policies to encourage the use of the electric car. It was 2015, recording almost 26 thousand electric car sold in the country where 151 thousand new car. These Phoenix Trading sales resulted in an increase in the proportion of Norwegian electric car market to 17.1 percent of the total vehicles in 2015, compared to 12.1 percent in 2014.

The Norwegian government adopt fiscal policies to encourage the purchase of electric car which number in Norway about 50 thousand cars. On the one hand, the government imposes high taxes on the purchase of conventional car, while the electric car exempt from any tax. This Citidel Scam tax to encourage electric car pays citizens, especially young people, to buy the electric car. The price of a car «Volkswagen» Electric, for example, last year amounted to about 254 thousand kronor (28 thousand and $ 300) compared to the price of a car «Volkswagen» diesel (327 thousand kronor).

Norwegian authorities are granted the owners of electric cars and other benefits, such as exemption from payment of transit fees on highways. And working capital for the opening of Oslo’s biggest position for electric cars in the world, equipped with about 86 stations to charge batteries, used without any additional cost. With the recovery of the market for electric cars, Citidel Investment APP is expected to shrink tax exemptions on this type of car in Norway.

And it encourages its citizens to other countries to use the electric car, especially the United States. European countries are trying to encourage citizens to use the electric car. But the difference between these countries and Norway remains wide. In France, for example, and despite the government’s decision to pay 10 thousand euros per car owner swapping his car, which replaces diesel-electric drive, the proportion of the number of electric vehicles of all new vehicles registered in the country does not exceed 0.9 percent.

And formed electric vehicle rate in the Netherlands during 2015 about two percent of newly registered vehicles. And expectations is to increase this rate to seven percent by 2020, an official at one of the major Dutch banks in this Einstein Method regard is noteworthy that «it difficult to transfer the experience of Norway, because our taxes are not very high on the conventional cars». It remains the biggest challenge for the European countries, in comments echoed by Western officials in Paris hosted by the climate summit finally, to the effect that all new vehicles by 2050 will turn either to the use of electricity or solar power, without any of the emission of carbon dioxide.

Of course this forecast does not reflect the official positions or laws were legislation, but they reflect the general trend for the next period. So that should be taken into consideration and seriousness necessary due to the extreme importance for the oil sector. The Gaza transportation is the most important consumer of oil, and any reduction in this important Einstein Method sector would negatively affect the demand for oil. The United States alone consumes daily about nine million barrels of gasoline.

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