Is Nova Investments APP Trading SCAM By Michael Newberry Or LEGIT?

Is Nova Investments APP Trading SCAM By Michael Newberry Or LEGIT? The use of information and trading platforms these days is critical to the success of trading in financial markets. The advantages of these systems compared to traditional trading systems include, for example, unprecedented speed in processing and delivering information to end-users and a distinct level of integration with data providers as well as a wide range of integrated technical analysis tools.

At the same time, an investor who opens an account with a broker can not simply manage immediate analysis as well as trading in about four or six financial assets in multiple markets that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This in turn brings the need to use automated trading systems within the operating environment and with the user and server parts as well as the programs that control these systems or so-called scripts.

2. Comparative analysis of problem area

The components of the trading platform should provide customers, brokers, dealers, traders, financial analysts and consultants with the service they want at the very moment they need, from immediate and instantaneous access to data of interest to multimedia including mobile devices to the multiplex trading process at the main client terminal.

The software market provides a large number of information and trading platforms that differ first in the function of the client and server parts, also the list of services provided by the financial company once the customer opens an account. However, relatively few software solutions include the components needed to automate trade.

2.1. MetaTrader 4 – based solutions

One of the most widely used trading platforms in the world is Metatrader 4, which MetaQuotes has provided for software specifically for the Forex market. The trading platform includes the integrated development environment – which enables the writing of multiple scripts using a language called MetaQuotes called MQL4. The installation of this trading language depends mainly on the classical C language and the logical flow has not changed significantly since the previous version of the trading platform, which used MQL II as a programming language. The automated trading window is undoubtedly a development from the previous version. Both languages ​​have characteristics that work well with a symmetrical set of integrated trading and use functions that are still sufficient to perform all basic processes and facilitate the identification of client functions in a way that helps them implement non-stereotyped ideas.

In terms of programming, MQL4 looks more appropriate than its predecessors; this language is better targeted to professional programmers. MQL II, in my opinion, suits most financial experts who want to build trading platforms (or MetaQuotes trading consultant).

2.2. Omaga based solutions

In the New World, the vast majority of companies use OMGA research platforms developed by TradeStation Securities. This platform has long proved its importance in the global markets and so far experts consider it the best system for technical analysis – purification provided by the IDE, which claims PowerEditor intends to create software controls through the language EasyLanguage (EL).

The main advantage of this language is the ease (hence the name) in placing open and close orders. The accompanying program instructions can be written as if we are drafting a trading order with the broker we work with using the normal human language. While in MQL4, for example, placing a trading order to open a certain position requires identifying about ten different parameters. While in EasyLanguage the same can be done using a short sentence with limited words. Working with technical indicators is also easy, but we should not fall under the illusion that when making these simple commands, language developers can sacrifice their function as they limit the ways to use a particular function and effectively deprive IDE users of the opportunity to execute accurately Their algorithms.

TTradeStation decided not to create large libraries of built-in trading and utility functions but decided to only reduce a limited number of core functions. As the trading platform progresses, the number of jobs that can be written by inbound and outbound developers has grown. TradeStation simply incorporates them with user-defined functions within their own scripting repository. As a result, the functionality provided to users is no less scarce than that found in the MetaQuotes product.

PowerEditor provides a built-in dictionary that allows the user to search and get help through the available functions. One of the tools worthy of mention is the use of strategy building, which enables the user to create basic algorithms for his trading program and then modify and adjust as necessary.

EasyLanguage is one of the oldest and leading languages ​​in the field of automated trading systems associated with the stock market. They are considered the basis for the development of MQL II. EasyLanguage is a good choice for programmers but it is best for financial experts who target market analysis more than trading.

Nova APP
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2.3. ProTrader-based solutions

Professional financial experts can choose ProTrader2 or ProTraderFX platforms as their main business tool depending on the financial market they are trading in, whether it’s the stock market or Forex, respectively. Both trading platforms were developed and supported by PFSoft LLC. The advanced ProTrader language, which was developed by the IDE provider PTL, also gives the opportunity to execute scripts through the languages ​​MQLII, MQL4 and EasyLanguage. Therefore, the program’s text has been translated into stable language codes. So it does not matter when the script is written. Michael Newberry Nova APP technology enables rolling not only the manufacture of new scripts but also makes it possible to use the accumulated set of other scripts that other experienced traders have created.

The basic idea in the development of the new programming language was to ensure maximum reliability and productivity while running the scripts. The PTL language is designed to reduce the possibility of errors in user-typed script that are potentially dangerous, so they are detected before the script itself is launched.

Regardless of the programming language chosen, the platform will deal with managed code while running the script. This technology developed by Microsoft enables proper handling of errors that can be detected before the work of the script. This means that the program will not fail or perform any undesirable operations that may be caused by serious errors in writing the script or damage caused by another program which may result in the loss of the account holder.

The origin of the PTL provided by IDE will benefit both financial experts and programmers, thanks to its support for multiple programming languages ​​also through tools provided by the examiner and debugger.

2.4. Compare Solutions

IDE languages ​​listed above have their own set of advantages. The table below provides a comparison of the capabilities of each.

3. Ways of making automated trading systems and recommendations on their use

It goes without saying that the choice of information and trading platforms should be taken seriously and for those who plan to use one of the automated trading systems in their work we will remind them some important points that we recommend to follow based on our personal experience.

3.1. Choose the environment

In the first place you must define the type of tasks that the automated trading system will undertake and which may include:

Actual Trading: Open and close trading positions on selected financial assets.

Secondary support functions. This may include placing protective orders, working and sending reports and notifications.

Analyze the market using different technical analysis tools and using your algorithms. Now that you have studied user comments online and may consult your own broker you can go ahead and get a sense of the programs offered. I personally strongly love not only have a quick glance but also to test the system for a day or two. Fortunately, most major companies give you a chance to register And get a test program for the test. Therefore, both the requirements of the IDE and the tools that work with it must also pay attention to the reliability and security of the control software created using the IDE.

3.2. Create a control program

If you are planning to create your scripts, take your time by studying the documentation related to the programming language and the integrated development environment. Of course, the automated trading system to be organized professionally, the scripts must be written by qualified experts in the field of programming and money. If you want to use one of the classic programs and remember that most of them will be by experience and by nature and will be to test the automated trading system or to use as a basis for your programs, but as sufficient solutions or ready to use are useless soon.

If you decide to use software written by third-party developers, you should keep in mind that these solutions have to be paid for. The cost of the innovative trading strategy ranges from $ 300 to $ 500, but the cost of polished strategies that use advanced sports and economic techniques, especially for winners and contestants in automated trading system competitions, may exceed $ 1000.

3.3. Test Scripts

When using automated trading systems, you should test scripts. The testing procedure is as follows:

1. Test the software in the Script Lab (if this feature is available in the IDE) several times. Change the time frame of the graph, rolling asset, and program settings. Try adjusting the settings to be close to the actual state of the market.

2. Test the script on the demo account (if available) At this stage it is important to leave the program running for a long time and enough (this is determined by the time frame of the graph). Do not stop testing the software as soon as it results in a big gain or loss. The benefit of script can be estimated only after it has been operating for a long period of time.

3. Run the script on a real account. At this point you may not be advised to interfere in the script, for example, such as closing the centers that opened or modify the settings because you are by this heart of the internal logic of the program.

3.4. How not to fall prey to tricks when choosing script

Remember that there are no programs that are absolutely perfect for this Do not let them sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have a profitable system, would you sell it? Nova APP System is the only advice for a thorough and thorough test that enables you to get a real impression of the script being displayed.

Script vendors typically describe their program or product according to the results they have obtained through their own tests. In most cases these results may not be neutral. Remember that the test of the script must be done at multiple historical prices while relying on one historical period that can show amazing results but not useful. Based on the NFL theory, it is fair to say that it is impossible to create a script that gives the best results for all existing assets.

Some professional programmers use complex mathematical tools to provide their programs with artificial nerve networks. Prediction and evaluation algorithms are no longer surprising. It is also not recommended to exaggerate using such complex algorithms as prediction because they are highly sensitive to errors or incorrect parameter settings. While simple charts will not help the financial advisor significantly when it comes to generate signals trading and therefore can be used only to raise the sale price of the script.

4. Conclusion

In this article, no programming rules, consulting systems, or any likes to write scripts in specific software or languages ​​are discussed. In these subjects there are full volumes written as well as a large number of articles. The main objective was to present a number of points of view and points which we believe, despite their importance, have not been adequately covered in the current publications.

So can automated trading systems be considered an enemy or an ally? When used carefully and without any prior provisions, the automated trading system can facilitate the work of the financial expert and enables him to make profits. But when used incorrectly or not fully tested or the existence of settings that change often, the automated trading system will lose money entrusted to him.

Remember that the automated trading system will not do the whole job or you will not rest any effort in its presence on your side. It can only be used to solve current problems and not add more.