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Learn Build Earn Review Is Learn Build Earn Scam Or Not?

Learn Build Earn Review Is Learn Build Earn Scam Or Not? E-marketing can be defined as a type of marketing for a particular product or service on the Internet. Where the Internet is now an important part of our daily lives, because it is a source of important sources to obtain information, competition in the traditional media in the dissemination of news or information such as newspapers, magazines and audio and video broadcasts. In addition to considering this network an important source of knowledge, The development of technical aids can create new space that can be invested in the marketing of certain goods or services and aids and the development of different ways of supporting the marketing process.

E-commerce and E-marketing

E-commerce can be seen as a concept for the dissemination and promotion of goods or services on the Internet. Given the excellence of the digital environment of the Internet, we are in dire need of digital means and means to promote and disseminate these goods online, Website, and to accept orders from customers who wish to purchase these goods or services.

In a quick reading of the e-marketing environment and the traditional environment, this convergence of components and ideas goes together in two balanced lines, while the difference is in the Learn Build Earn way or the way the marketing and publishing process takes place. Hence, some traditional trade models and concepts are reflected in e-commerce. We now supply some e-commerce models in short

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

tBusiness-to-Business Model B2B

This model relies on the exchange of companies’ marketing relationships among themselves. An example of this type of trade can be cited here. Some companies, for example, manufacture display cards or sound cards and sell them to computer manufacturers to assemble and sell them later.

Business-to-Consumer Model B2C

This model relies on a company providing a specific product or service to its customers or customers.

Peer-to-Peer Model P2P

This is the least common form of marketing, where people market products or services among themselves.

It should be noted that the beginning was with the second model B2C followed by the first model B2B, which is more complex compared to other models.

If we look at e-marketing, we consider the way in which online publishing and distribution are carried out. These are the mechanisms that distinguish traditional marketing from its e-counterpart through the use of search engines, for example in the process of advertising and promoting websites or using e-mail techniques to gain more Customers and product identification and other methods adopted and known in the world of marketing.

Advantages of E-marketing

The Internet environment is now widespread, and because of the technological development and the speed of browsing it is easy to get any information about a product or service on the Internet, and it is possible to acquire that product and get it in a short time; so that any marketer to promote his goods And sell it beyond the territorial limits of its place, and enter into the goods of the limits of universality, which guarantees at least more popular for that product or service. In short, e-marketing has made it possible to obtain a product or service without time or place.

E-marketing contributes to the opening of the field or to everyone to market their goods or experiences without distinguishing between the giant company with huge capital and the ordinary person or small company with limited resources.

The mechanisms and methods of e-marketing are characterized by low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing mechanisms. Of course, we can not forget the possibility of adapting the costs of the design of the online store, advertising and advertising free or paid in accordance with the budget set for him, while it seems difficult to apply such mechanisms to the traditional business .

Using the software technologies associated with the e-marketing environment and advertising in this digital environment, it is simply possible to evaluate and measure the success of an advertising campaign, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and the geographical distribution of the targeted segments of these campaigns and other seemingly difficult targets When using traditional means.

The Disadvantages Of E-Marketing

Consumer acceptance may not be available for purchase through the Internet.
The existence of some delusional companies; whether casual companies or consumer companies.
Lack of confidentiality in dealing; it may be broken and access to corporate information by hackers.
Consumers do not keep pace with electronic development.

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Learn Build Earn Review Is Learn Build Earn Scam Or Not?
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