Thinking of Buying Forex Advice? Read This First

There is a huge amount of forex learning courses available to buy, but before you decide to take any of them you should read HB Swiss Binary article because over 90% of these courses will guarantee you only a loss.

So make sure you get the appropriate Forex course by following the instructions below.

1. Never buy a daily trading system

Most novice traders are tempted to profit on a daily basis with low risk and a high rate of return, but unfortunately this is not the reality of daily trading.

HB Swiss
HB Swiss

The daily trading fact is:

Speed ​​erases account balance – why?

Simply put, all market movements in the short term are random and therefore the use of support and resistance points by traders may lead to failure sometimes.

If you do not believe it, try using this simple test when you buy any disc to teach Forex from a vendor:

Ask him about the real-time performance record for profit. I assure you that you will not get it from any daily trader.

The best you can get is a track record of virtual achievements, but when it comes to real-life, it will not help you know the closing levels of prices because simply if you know them there will be no impediment to profit. If you want to earn money do not trade on a daily basis!

2. Real time profits

A real-time performance record is one of the basic requirements of any Forex learning course you intend to buy and do not talk here about daily trading systems.

The real thing though, is that most Forex learning courses are sold by failed speculators or those who have never experienced trading in their lives.

If these vendors do not have the confidence to trade using their money and through the HB Swiss Binary trading system that their hands have made, why should you do this?

3. Be aware of what Forex is learning

Even if you are lucky enough to find a trading system that has a record of performance to make real profits in Forex, you should consider the following factors:

You must fully understand how this system works and not follow it as blind.

If you do not understand how this system works you will not have the confidence to continue working at times of unavoidable loss.

Not only do you follow it with all discipline, but you must also check your suitability for your personality during trading.

Some traders can carry many losses or withdrawals while this is difficult for others, so choose the risk-return trading system that you can deal with sensibly.

4. Best Forex courses

There is a huge volume of Forex learning courses and also Forex tips offered free of charge on the Internet why you do not use them.

In previous articles we have shown how to build a profit-making trading system through free information, a more easy way to learn forex trading. More than people think you can also get a good education in Forex through local bookshops in your area, which will then pay only nominal prices.

This advice to learn Forex took from:

Traders who do not just talk to talk – but who walk in this path the way to the end and succeeded in making money.

One of the great books you can see is Jack Schweigers’ excellent processors for the market and new market treatments – which offers an interview with the greatest traders in history.

Trader Vic Victor Spirando was really wonderful and there are many other books.

Better than buying an e-mail from someone who does not have a real track record, you can get free Forex education through the Internet and learn some of the classic ideas and lessons from legendary traders.

The best Forex systems and courses on the web are overpriced and do not work well in most cases so frankly you can do better than just follow the tips I mentioned above.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Forex

Emotional Intelligence refers to how a person can perceive and manage his or her own feelings and feelings. This term is associated with two researchers Peter Salvoi and John Mayer, and more popular by Daniel Golmanvi in ​​1996. Emotional intelligence corresponds to the realm of cognitive ability that facilitates the handling of personal relationships and promotes self-awareness, social awareness and empathy. On the practical side, The Infinity APP Review means that emotional intelligence has a significant impact (positive and negative) on a person’s behavior. The following article discusses how emotional intelligence affects Forex trader performance.

Skills that form emotional intelligence

As noted in the introduction, emotional intelligence consists of four main skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

While self-awareness and self-management reflect the individual’s personal competence, social awareness and relationship management reflect the social competence of the individual. Self-awareness and social awareness can fall under the heading of “what a person sees, whereas self-management and relationship management fall into” what a person does. Thus, it is clearly and comprehensively understood that all four skills intertwine and overlap in a complex manner. Now let’s take a quick look at those skills before discussing their impact on Forex traders in particular.

Self-awareness – the person’s ability to understand his own personality, his feelings, as well as his desires and motivations. A self-conscious person will know the change in feelings when changes occur.
Self-management can be defined as the ability to use self-awareness to be flexible and to make positive changes in behavior.
Social awareness – the ability to understand others’ feelings, and generally understand what is going on around us.
Relationship management enables the individual to use self-awareness and then interact successfully by understanding the emotions of others.

Mind and social intelligence

Emotional response to the event arises in the limbic system. The primary senses enter the brain through the spinal cord. However, before reaching the special part of the brain that makes rational decisions, the signals enter the limbic system. Thus, there must be adequate balance between mental and emotional centers in the brain. Then the individual can have the ability to act and act without any dilemma. In other words, the level of emotional intelligence is determined by the extent of effective communication between the rational and emotional parts of the brain.

The Infinity APP
The Infinity APP

Basic skills based on emotional intelligence

An individual’s emotional intelligence can concentrate energy in a particular action, ultimately leading to an amazing result. It is clear that emotional intelligence sets the foundation for a large number of skills, which will determine the performance of a person in any profession, including foreign exchange trading and investments. The skill set that is nurtured by emotional intelligence and its impact on Forex trader performance is as follows:

Anger management

Research has shown that a person who lacks emotional intelligence will not be able to control his fits of anger. Ultimately, a person will be forced to make the wrong decisions. In the absence of a rationale, anger prevails. An angry forex trader is susceptible to frustration and hasty business decisions. Hasty decisions will result in a loss. And it will not end there. A forex trader who likes anger may try to take revenge from the market, leading to more losses. Finally, his account will be blown away. A Forex trader with emotional intelligence will recognize and identify the fault rather than be seized and controlled by tantrums.

Carry stress

When the volume of volatility within the market increases, the forex trader who maintains a trading position will inevitably be exposed to a certain level of tension and will be determined by the size of the open deal and the leverage used. Under these circumstances, The Infinity APP Review emotional intelligence, which would ensure the Forex trader to remain undisturbed or tense by the increase in price volatility. Studies have shown that the level of emotional intelligence plays an important role in determining a person’s ability to manage stress. Thus, a forex trader with a good deal of emotional intelligence waits for either pre-set profits or a stop loss level and avoids adjusting trading orders. On the other hand, a trader who has little emotional intelligence will be susceptible to stress and then make the wrong decisions, which will ultimately lead to loss.

time management

Time management is one of the important words in the life of a Forex trader, and the emotional intelligence of the human can achieve this goal. Forex traders must set aside the time to prepare for the next trading day. This includes setting up market analysis, identifying entry and exit points, and keeping trading notes. Through emotional intelligence, the trader can set his priorities and needs so that none of the trading activities will be missed due to lack of time.


Flexibility is another necessity that a forex trader must have. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence affects a person’s resilience in an amazing way. A hard trader will find it difficult to accept errors, especially if the market does not move as expected, while the trader will close the trading center and wait for clarity. On the other hand, a trader who lacks flexibility can incur losses that could threaten the whole account. While professional traders are always flexible. They know from their experience the fact that the market has neither a ceiling nor a bottom.

the responsibility

A forex trader should be responsible for his actions. Response can be either positive or negative. However, the trader should not be ashamed of being held accountable. The Infinity APP Review is the focus of the driving process in everything. Blaming the market or the trading medium is a hump and a common habit that is sung by some traders. While we can not deny the fact that some unlicensed brokerage firms loot customers’ money in various ways, this does not deny that most trading brokers are ethical. Thus, the trader must meditate and analyze errors instead of trying to blame the external aspects. Emotional intelligence makes a person accountable and takes responsibility for his actions, and any trader needs to be identified as such.

social skills

The skills of interaction and communication must be available for success in any profession and foreign exchange trading is not an exception to this rule. The trader should not hesitate to communicate with the trading broker in case of any doubt about the price difference, the high price of the doubtful, the payment / deposit issues, as well as the problems related to the trading platform and barter rates imposed, and what he may wish to communicate. Frequent communication leads to problems. If a person is new to currency trading, he should not have any concerns in raising doubts or exchanging ideas with experienced specialists through forums and social media platforms. Perhaps emotional intelligence helps the trader to express his opinion without any restrictions and eloquently.

Ability to make decision

As we discussed earlier, the primary senses enter the limbic system before it reaches the brain segment that makes decisions rational. Thus, any decision taken by a person is the result of the cumulative effect of the rational and emotional center of the brain. If the emotional center does not perform well, the brain response is not enough to solve the issues. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence affects a person’s ability to make a decision. Perhaps the decision-making power ultimately determines the profit and loss factor of a forex trader. A trader with good emotional intelligence is capable of making intelligent decisions in a timely manner.

Trust and self-confidence

Self-esteem is yet to be found at high levels in people with high levels of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence A person can trust his or her abilities. A Forex trader with no confidence will hesitate to place orders or sell even if the deal is perfect. After placing a trading order, the trader does not wait patiently for price action to start as he wants. In the end, the trader is going out early and losing a chance to make good profits. On the other hand, the seasoned trader adjusts the position of profit-taking and reduces losses quickly. The maturity and confidence shown by a professional trader is only a product of emotional intelligence.


Insisting is yet another must-have feature in a Forex trader. A Forex trader should be able to justify his actions in a soft way, if necessary, as compared to any other market participants. It should not be too aggressive or too negative in its responses. Where an aggressive mentality creates a bad impression of a trader, while a lot of slackness and negativity makes others look to the trader as helpless. According to studies, emotional intelligence is primarily responsible for the firmness of people.


Sympathy shows a person’s ability to understand the feelings of others. In the case of foreign exchange trading, empathy also corresponds to the trader’s ability to assess the response of other market participants to a particular event or economic data. Unless the trader is able to have the expected reaction metrics from the majority of market participants, it will be difficult to take an appropriate trading position in the market. This may end up costly mistakes. Emotional intelligence feeds the trader’s ability to understand market concepts and guide him to make decisions in line with the fundamental direction of the financial asset.

Improve emotional intelligence

Not everyone is born with a high level of emotional intelligence. However, the good news is that neuronal flexibility or the ability of the brain to adapt to internal or external changes can be used to increase and elevate an individual’s emotional intelligence. All nerve cells that connect the path between the rational and emotional centers of the brain can branch up to 15,000 joints when trained properly. This wonderful gift that everyone possesses can be used to improve his emotional intelligence. Based on this theory, we can say that a forex trader who cultivates discipline in trading will be able to see a marked rise in emotional intelligence very soon. When the level of emotional intelligence rises, all the skills mentioned above will be sharpened and refined, leading to better performance over a period of time.

Emotional Intelligence plays a key role in Forex trader performance. The most important point is to remember that humans have innate ability to increase their level of emotional intelligence. A little effort falls on the individual to go a long way in nurturing the level of emotional intelligence. The level of emotional intelligence is soon reflected in commercial performance.

Learn The Basics Of Forex Trading in 2017

Learn The Basics Of Forex Trading in 2017 The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world for its large profit opportunities for Binary Option Club traders and huge trading volumes, which exceed in recent years 5 trillion per day, which makes it a destination for major commercial and central banks and international financial institutions in addition to major investors. However, with the development of the Internet and the modern means of communication, it is very easy for investors and ordinary traders to access the Forex market and benefit from the great profit opportunities it offers. In this Binary Option Club article we will discuss the most important concepts and basics that you need to know to understand how Forex markets work and how to make a profit through currency trading.

What is the Forex market?
Forex is simply the currency market, and Forex is derived from the two foreign words, foreign exchange or foreign exchange. The Forex market is the place where foreign exchange takes place. Companies or individuals when trading with parties outside the local boundaries They need to deal in a currency other than the local currency. For example, if you live in a euro-denominated European country and want to buy a car from a Binary Option Club Review company in England, you need to replace your currency, which is the euro in sterling, the official currency in England to buy the car.

Forex Trading
Forex Trading

The need to replace currencies is the reason for creating the Forex market, which is the largest financial market in terms of liquidity and volumes. This market is characterized by the absence of a central place for trading, but is traded in the system of “out of the cabin” that is to do sales and purchase is not in a central market as the stock market or the commodity market, but directly between traders around the world using the Internet and modern technologies. Forex markets operate 24 hours a day and 5 days a week from Sunday night to Friday night. Each day consists of 3 shares, the European share, the US share and the Asian share, and the major currencies are traded during these quotas.
Forex Trading Basics

Couples: Forex is traded in the Forex market by pairs, reversing the stock market where you can buy and sell one share. In the Forex market when you buy a currency you sell another currency. When you look for currency rates you will find them written as follows:

exchange rate:

The value of a currency is determined by the value of another parallel currency. For example, if you want to know the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar, you will find the following statement: EUR / USD = 1.1035 The currency on the left is called the base currency, the euro (EUR) in this case, and the currency on the right is called the corresponding currency is the United States dollar (USD). This means that every 1 euro is worth $ 1.1035, or in other words you can get $ 1.1035 for every euro you own.
the point:

Or “PIP” as it is also called, is the smallest change in the price of the pair. In the case of most major currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, the pound and the Swiss franc, the point is 0.0001, with the exception of the Japanese yen where point 0.01 because it is priced only two digits after the interval. For example, if the EURUSD gains from 1.1020 to 1.1035 we will say that the pair has gained 15 pips. Most currencies are traded in a range of 100 and 150 points on a daily basis.

Forex is traded in the Forex market by lot. In short, Lot is the size of the Binary Option Club Scam contract of the currency you sell or buy. The smallest Lott you can trade is the Micro and represents 1000 units of currency, if your trading account is denominated in US dollars you can buy the equivalent of $ 1000 from the base currency. Then the miniature lotus, which is equivalent to 10,000 units and the standard lotus, which is equivalent to 100,000 units. For example, if you buy a lot of $ 100,000 from the EURUSD at 1.1035 and move the upside move to 1.1045 then your profit will be $ 100.

You may wonder how a small investor can trade large sums of money to achieve a reasonable profit rate, and here comes the role of leverage. A leverage is the money that a financial intermediary gives you to increase the volume of your forex trading transactions even if the amount you have deposited is small. The strength of leverage varies according to the mediator and often ranges between 10: 1 and 400: 1. For example, if you open an account with a broker that gives you a 100: 1 leverage and you deposit $ 2000 you can trade $ 200,000.
How to Trade Forex

In order to be able to trade currencies in the forex market you have to open a trading account with a brokerage company. Because there are many companies in the arena, you need to find a reliable broker that provides services that suit your trading method and the risk you can afford. To find the right broker, follow these tips:

– Looking for a Binary Option Club brokerage firm that has been in the market for several years and has considerable experience in the field of financial transactions with a good reputation. – Ensure that the broker is licensed by a recognized financial institution such as FCA in England, ASIC in Australia and AMF in France. – Read the comments and reviews about the broker in the relevant sites, and contact the technical support center of the mediator to take the necessary information. – Review the services and products provided by the mediator through its location, such as various commissions and draw and deposit fees in addition to the type of platform and technical tools it provides. After you have opened a trading account, you need to analyze the market for trading, and most Forex traders use one or both of the following methods:

-Technical Analysis:

Which is the analysis of charts and historical data of the price in order to predict its future movement, which depends mainly on the levels of support and resistance, technical models and indicators and patterns of Japanese candles.
– Basic analysis:

It depends on the analysis of the economic data of the countries that affect the currency rate such as unemployment rates, expected growth rates, interest rates and geopolitical events. For example, if you think the US economy will see a decline, which will be negative for the US dollar, you will sell the dollar against another stronger currency such as the Swiss franc or the Japanese yen.

Forex Trading – Binary Option Club The above chart represents the daily chart of the GBP / USD, which clearly shows the impact of geopolitical events on Forex trading. After Britain voted for exit from the European Union, sterling fell 10 percent on the day after the referendum to its lowest level since 1985, prompting investors in global markets to scramble for safer currencies such as the yen and the Swiss franc.

The Forex market offers huge advantages over the stock or commodity markets. Low commissions, high leverage and high liquidity are the most important features of the Forex market. However, most Forex traders lose their money. Every novice trader must spend enough time to study, learn how to trade Forex, how markets operate and understand trading methods and strategies. The Forex market offers great profit-taking opportunities but may lose you money if you are not equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Investment Funds Advantages And Disadvantages in 2017

Investment Funds Advantages And Disadvantages in 2017 Known investment funds as investment vehicles you gather a group of investors capital and managed according to specific investment strategy and objectives set by the fund manager to achieve the advantages of a Rubix Project investment can not be for the individual investor to achieve individually in the light of the limited resources available.

Investment Funds
Investment Funds

According to this definition, the investment fund includes a range of securities to choose according to the foundations of specific standards and achieve objectives of the Fund investment, in addition to achieving the benefit of diversification for the investor fund, which lowers the overall risk level of investment. And avoid restrictions funds investments, which are usually located on individual investments, Vihakq have more ability to diversify, and the decline in the sale and purchase of stock costs. It consists of investment funds typically profit from capital gains, or profits resulting from improvement or change in the stock prices of the investor as well as dividend distributions, if any, of securities. The Fund is exposed to loss and in the case of lower securities comprising the Fund’s assets value.

Advantages of investment funds
1. specialized Management: The key advantage of investing in the Fund are taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of the fund manager to make better investment decisions. And requires direct investment in securities analysis, study and understanding of the determinants of profit and loss and the risks associated with securities, and these skills are available only at a limited segment of investors. So give investors the investment funds are not familiar with the skills of financial analysis the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and professional specialists in investing in securities management, and characterized the nature of the investment total Btafrghm managers to monitor market developments and the economy, moment by moment, and their prowess in understanding the data and infer the consequences.

2. investment diversification and reduce risk: Investing in funds allows the individual investor the possibility of diversifying its investments at a cost relatively less than direct investment diversification, which gives it a greater chance to reduce the investment risk as a result of the diversity of the securities owned by the fund. And allow investment funds for investors to diversify their investments and distribution in a systematic way across a broader range of assets and geographic regions and industry to reduce the risks of concentration of assets and benefit from the revenue disparity.

Investment funds are usually divided into two types:

When establishing a fund determines the fund structuring director of the fund’s capital, which amounts to the fund will be collected and invested. Open-end fund is a flexible investment funds in terms of invested capital may increase or decrease influenced by the number of issued units, which represents the proportion of investors’ contribution to the fund and can restore investor of the value of his investment in whenever he wanted, and this type is the most common in the financial markets, including the UK. The closed-end funds, are characterized by consistently invested capital, a fixed number of its units does not change the method of exiting from the fund will not be through the redemption of Units, but through the sale of units to another investor, or the end of the term of the Fund.

With the accelerated pace of the emergence of financial innovations in the late eighties and particularly in 1989, he appeared for the first time traded index funds (ETF) that combines the flexibility of open-end funds in terms of capital and high liquidity that characterize the closed-end funds. There were these funds through the Canadian market followed by the US market in 1993, and since that time, these funds began to grow at a rapid pace.

Advantages of ETFs

Since ETFs track the market indicators, it is easy to identify the investment of these funds in terms of content and proportions of investments, and is committed to issuers of these funds publish full disclosure of information about their funds and indicators that followed. These funds also characterized by continuous assessment of the fund manager during the trading value of the unit periods, or what is known as indicative value of the net assets of the unit (iNAV), in addition to the end of the day or assess what is known as the net asset value (NAV).

Due to the inclusion in the market, characterized by units ETFs easily dealt with as the investor can buy or sell units directly through the market and immediate, the same way as buying stocks. As well as the investor can purchase any of the ETFs, regardless of the source, unlike mutual funds, T-handle requires investment by the fund manager directly. Moreover, there is no minimum for participation in ETFs.

the cost:
Featuring investment in ETFs is mainly a lack of size and costs because the management fees are low, and the reason is the investment style, which is the investment is active does not require making decisions in picking stocks, but the fund follows a certain indicator. In addition, the investor bears the trading units of these funds, the cost of a purchase and sales commissions compared to the subscription and redemption fees, if any, of other funds. The source also committed to fund these expenses disclosed in the Memorandum of Terms and Conditions. To facilitate trading units ETFs appointed fund manager of the fund market maker.

The market maker Michael Crawford Quantum Code is hand licensed by the Capital Market Authority and job providing liquidity in the ETFs market so that a continuous orders to buy and sell is available, he can count the investor at any time to buy or sell units.