How do you keep your customers forever? – Ways to retain customers

This topic is important because it relates to the source of corporate profits and its continuation. In Digital Cash Academy JR Fisher subject, many articles, scientific studies, master’s and doctoral dissertations have been published. The understanding of the client’s needs, the benefits of the client and the appropriate services he needs, .

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Digital Cash Academy

Rules for dealing with others:

Since the beginning of creation and man by nature social, and hates unity, imagine yourself without people around you! This picture will actually live if you do not maintain your relationship with others, so you do not have to, you have some wonderful rules:
– Correct between you and God, God fit between you and others.
– salute those who know and do not know.
– Smile in the face of your colleague The smile predicts the psychology of the other party and explain the chest and pave the acquaintance and speech.
– Put yourself in the place of others and then hear them speak what you like to hear.
– Know the human style you are dealing with, then try to enter him through the appropriate style for him.
– Keep others’ feelings and choose your words carefully.
– Do not get angry.
– Be simple and inexpensive in dealing with others.
– Be humble and do your job.
– Let your talker tell you what he likes, and be a good listener.
– Of your promise, and the truth of your talk.
– Try Digital Cash Academy System to say thank you to those who have led you to a great service in itself.
– Recognize your mistakes and apologize if necessary apologize.

The customer service is the field of intense competition between companies, but the general interest in the survival of one company for another as the client is the reason for the existence of any business and in order for any company to maintain and maintain the customer to provide a distinctive service to him, the cost of attracting a new customer is five times the cost of retaining a customer Located at the facility.
There are several obstacles and difficulties in maintaining the client and providing good service to him. The most important of these is that the first person to meet the client face to face is a small employee and the least paid workers and the least trained may issue a misconduct distracts the customer from the company and does not stop at this point, His experience to other clients leads to the reluctance of many customers about the company’s goods or services.

Regardless of the name of any job, center, experience or salary, the company tries to train all employees and remind them that the first task is to attract and satisfy customers and maintain them through intensive training sessions on how to deal with others and how to talk and talk and look and listen to customers and on the occasion of male Listen I remember a situation that happened to me personally with someone I know was applying the saying “let your talk happen to you like and be a good listener” I was addressing him face to face and during the dialogue came to him a telephone call did not fill the contact so he did not look to the caller until I finished my talk. So Digital Cash Academy is important to know how to deal with others in order to attract them and keep them as continuous customers of the company.
Before you think of reducing the price or service you provide to save expenses under the general economic situation, make sure you do everything in your power to keep your customer who is the source of any return whatever size to your establishment.

Write premium content to improve your ranking in search engines

What ‘unique’ content means here is the originality of the words, phrases, and paragraphs used to produce the content. While Google loves new content and rich in useful parameters, it puts a special place in its algorithms for content that does not appear anywhere else.

Having unique content on your Lurn Summit website or blog is vital to enhance your rankings in the search engines and get advanced positions.

As Google points out: “Unique content is the main reason why users choose to visit your website instead of other sites. Unique content, and related content, is one of the most important characteristics of a good site. Whenever a site has high-quality, unique content, the better the user experience (and the longer visitors stay on your website for browsing and maybe for purchase), “he said.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

The problem for webmasters and bloggers when creating unique content is the time it takes to do so as the online demand for new things is never ending. So some people are trying to find quicker ways to do this. eCom Crusher may include publishing previously published or unprofessional articles, which are worthless, because content is often meaningless and is simply a way to place key keywords, or to publish others’ content (with and without permission).

While some of the ways to create such valuable content can lead to short-term gains, using an honest strategy that focuses on quality and originality when you publish content will bring you a long-term profit squeeze.

Original ideas, and the dissemination of valuable information are vital when producing good content. Yes, you can steal ideas and articles from others to target keywords, but as Google’s webmaster guidelines indicate:

“It’s very worthwhile to take the time to create the original content that distinguishes your website from others. This will encourage your visitors to come back to your site repeatedly and will provide useful search results. ”

Theory is undoubtedly sound. But writing original content is a challenge not easy. It’s not always easy to come up with new ideas, an exclusive review, a new, unique product, or be the first to provide some breaking news.

But originality does not necessarily mean “first.” Apple, for example, was not the first player in the world of MP3 players. But with its sleek design and iTunes music store, Apple gave its users the best digital music experience.

In terms of content, you can consider the idea of ​​a different angle, change the way an article is presented or provide more in-depth information than your competitors. Do not worry about being first. You have to be better than your predecessors.

The biggest weapon you have in pursuit of original content is you. The way you think, the way you handle things and the way you write are all original and unique to you. By harnessing this originality, you can use Lurn Summit to stand out and distinguish from others.