7 Figure Cycle Review How To Build Your First eCommerce Website Guide!

7 Figure Cycle Review How To Build Your First eCommerce Website Guide! E-commerce helps the seller and buyer to spread internationally and globally and reach a wider scope of import and export.

E-commerce is one of the most inexpensive and non-specific sources of time. It is more convenient, faster, and easier to obtain, sell, buy, import, export and market your products online.

Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and, more recently, Hyundai, as well as other startups of all sizes and industries, have started to go to e-commerce as one of the most reliable ways to make big money.

However, you do not need to be an economic giant to start a business in e-commerce. In fact you may not need money at all to get a steady foot position in this interesting world ..

The following three easy steps to join the world of e-commerce, whether locally or globally without any cost.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Step 1: Know your business:

You should always ask yourself: What can I own and do not have in others?

Or what distinguishes producers from other products? Although e-commerce allows you to reach thousands (or even millions) of potential customers, competition is fierce. Originality and creativity are key to success from the start.

To help you do this you need to look for competitors and compare them to find out what they have not done yet. This is in addition to choosing a unique and easy to remember name that is associated with your 7 Figure Cycle industry and the factor that distinguishes you.

Step 2: Make paperwork

Yes, it may be difficult, but sometimes vaccination requires temporary pain in order to avoid permanent pain. Registering your business legally is no different. Taxes may come to you if your business grows while you ignore or forget to comply with local laws. If your business is small now and you are sure it is not taxable, it is great, complete your way, but when you realize that your 7 Figure Cycle business is growing exponentially, the official papers should fill.

After you believe this, the e-content section of your business comes after you have a web hosting service, many of which are free, and the time to write down your product description and explain their advantages in a short and attractive way.

You may be fully aware of your products and you think some properties are so obvious that they do not need to be described, but in fact they are not necessarily what others see.

You may also need to create an e-mail for you and your products, whether on the web service you use or blog or social networking page to attract customers. It is also good to have a design or technical background similar to your business, with easy and simple steps to click on links to complete the sale And purchasing.

In addition to the above, you need a simple business plan that will serve as a road map to know your destination about prices, production and shipping costs, as well as other costs. Who knows, you may find investors interested in sponsoring your business or even becoming your partners. The business plan is the way you describe what it does, especially as it will not cost you anything. There are more than one free online directory and template available.

Step 3: Market your business

Marketing is your key to connecting and connecting your products with every potential customer in the online world. Where a large number of them have a very large impact, social media are the way and practical solution for the marketing without having to carry any financial burden. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many other websites and platforms can change how your business is doing as well as you can imagine.

After knowing this, now, what kind of trade is looming in your mind ?!

Forex Trading System Reviews – For Greater Trading Experience‎!

Forex Trading System Reviews – For Greater Trading Experience‎! Many aspiring forex market traders believe that they do not need any external help when they learn how to trade in the Forex market. I called the word “rolling ambition” on anyone who is still learning to trade and has yet to make profit at the end of the year. Part of the attraction of Forex Master Levels Review trading is the independent lifestyle and freedom that you may have if you are successful, but it takes you some time and knowledge to achieve that success, and that knowledge should be derived from somewhere.

One of the negative aspects of the independent view of trading is that many new traders or defaulters actually believe that they can effectively teach themselves how to trade in the Forex market (which is usually a serious mistake).

While some people may find it easy to teach themselves to trade, this is certainly not the case for most people, even for people who have effectively taught themselves to do profitable trading, often after years of frustration and loss of thousands of dollars and a lot of time In a trial and error attempt to conduct trading with useless trading systems, there is a very simple way to greatly reduce the likelihood of such traumatic events physically and psychologically, and follow a special and respected trading teacher you can benefit from the knowledge and years of experience he has, and there is no way Better to learn about trading in which a successful person actually trades professionally, and we will discuss the details later in this article, but now let’s discuss how to learn to trade for an ambitious trader in the Forex market.

Forex Master Levels
Forex Master Levels

Or Printing

The debate over whether trading can be learned or not is simply due to the age of the old psychology issue of “print or printing”. Is trading a skill that can be taught to people who have no initial experience or are they just natural talent for you whether you are born or not? The issue of whether to trade in education or to be an innate gift was first raised in the famous experience of Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhard, who were in a constant conflict in mid-1983 about whether the trade was innate or acquired. Denise “belief that he was able to turn people into skilled traders in education, while Eckhard believed that heredity is the determining factor of the issue, they published a declaration to search for people who want to learn to trade in major financial newspapers, saying that the trainee will be given a Secret Profit Matrix Review trading account Especially after a short training course.

The group was invited to visit the city of Chicago in December 1983, after learning the rules that Dennis wanted to trade. They traded small accounts in January and, after proving their worth, Dennis financed most of the trainees with $ 1 million. The group was known as the “turtle” and was named “Denis” by the name after hearing it on its recent trip to Singapore. The group “turtles” became the most famous experiment in the trading history because they over the next four years More than $ 100 million, and thus proved to be “RE Dennis stray “overwhelming evidence that a simple set of rules that can be used to convert people with little experience or bad to traders in the very success.

The importance of learning by an expert teacher

One of the most unusual aspects of currency trading in the Forex market is that most people think that they do not need help from a professional trader and successful Forex market while learning to trade. Most people are aware that only about 10% of people who have tried to trade become traders Ultimately, the other 90% either quit trading or spent years suffering from trial and error before they discovered it or left. The odd thing is that most people are fully aware of these statistics, at least in their own minds. Few of them are prepared Search for help from professional traders or trading experts.

If trading is very difficult and everyone knows, then why do so few traders get ready to get help from someone who already knows what it takes to become a successful trader? The answer is simply that ego and vanity and ignorance or one of the above or perhaps all, but the bottom line is that ego and vanity mean nothing to the market, in fact vanity will not hurt anyone but rolling, and the same reason some people are unwilling to accept the assistance of professional traders is I do not claim now that I have the magic wand here to show you how to make money, but I can confidently say that I have “the right knowledge and real trading strategies” to tell my trainees, which will not save them years of research About strategies alone, but The what has been applied properly will result in the same high probability of profit deals likely on an ongoing basis.

Almost every job in this world requires you to be trained by a professional with long experience. I think I’m comfortable saying that most normal jobs are easier, at least in terms of understanding and understanding, than discovering the ingredients to make money constantly In the Forex market, and as you need to practice any other skill at the hands of a professional in that area, then you need to be trained by a professional trading in the Forex market if you want to be one, and as I mentioned earlier, there are people learning to trade Relying on themselves, but I am a I assure you that this road is more difficult and full of obstacles for people who are humble and accept the help of professional traders. I remind you now for the second time that I do not claim miracles, but I promise you a brief way to bring you knowledge and skill that may take years to learn and benefit from. .

My previous experiences

I started out as a stock market trader when I was in high school, and I took advantage of my interest and passion in trading until I became a full-time trader immediately after graduating. I did not mean that I was suffering from losses and frustrations because I did, but my passion for trading and my natural talent Understanding the mechanism of the market has made me hold fast enough to discover the best rapid trend gainer trading techniques in the world, the analysis of price action, and once I have completely switched to trading price movement, by learning from the way others work, and from my own experience and monitor of the computer screen, Tadawuli became more stable and became I finally manage the funds of some private clients and earn them annual returns of more than 10%. Working extensively with financial institutions, as well as learning from other professional traders, enabled me to understand how adults traded and helped me understand how the market moved. My overall course of price movement, designed for both novice and advanced traders. My live seminars have strengthened my teaching style and my students’ love of my method of teaching trading the price movement strategy.

Price movement is not just a set of rules

While the example of Richard Denis and Turtle is a good example of the fact that trading can be learned, there is a problem learning a rigid set of trading rules. In particular, rigid trading rules will not work in all market conditions. The market is going to buy or in the market for sale but it fails dramatically under volatile market conditions. What the price action learns is that it offers you a unique market view that makes you profit in all market conditions. You are not only learning a rigid set of rules that do not work Only with the market to buy, learn a way to understand the price movement and learn how Identification of specific price movement Candles models you can profit from which all market conditions, and in this way the price movement strategy is really the best ways to learn how to trade.

How To Market A New Product Successfully In 2018

How To Market A New Product Successfully In 2018? Usually, the companies producing a marketing plan to market their products, as the products that are marketed in an innovative and correct way to be sold and put on the market in a short time, and is also met with great success, the process of selling the product successfully on the way to market 7 Figure Cycle product in the market.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle Results

In order to market effectively and successfully, several important things must be taken into consideration:

1) The product must take into account the needs of the market, since the company must study the market accurately before putting the product in the market to see the suitability of this product with the market, as the market that fills the market need is marketed effectively and in the shortest possible time, A market surplus that can not be easily marketed. The company may find it difficult to market this product and sell it on the market. There is also a fear of loss of the product if the product is put on the market.

2) Before starting the marketing process, consideration should be given to the return from marketing the product and comparing it with the income of employees and employees. Some companies spend a lot of money to advertise and advertise a product, but never pay the salaries of their employees; Leads to loss of the company and the accumulation of debt thereon.

3) The company should try to develop advanced technology in order to market the product, and not rely solely on the traditional means that are often overlooked by the consumer and the viewer, and it may not affect the human and does not attract the viewer to it, so the producers should try to introduce diversification and excitement To the world of advertising in order to attract viewers to the ad.

4) The marketing process must be broad, not confined to a specific area or category of people, since effective marketing, whose results are rapidly emerging, must be widespread in order to deliver the product to the largest number of consumers.

5) The marketing plan must be realistic to a large extent, and all the bad possibilities that can be put in place and anticipate the appropriate solutions to them in order to find a quick solution to them to prevent the aggravation of the problem and the inability to control them in a quick way, Is actually surprised in front of him; therefore, the plan must be realistic and very similar to reality.

6) The product company should take into account other competing companies in order to obtain the best possible version so that the product is not effective or suffer from any shortage for other products.

This is for the marketing process and the conditions that must be taken into consideration when marketing the product, and the product must be marketed through advertising, advertising phrases, and advertising banners.

How do you keep your customers forever? – Ways to retain customers

This topic is important because it relates to the source of corporate profits and its continuation. In Digital Cash Academy JR Fisher subject, many articles, scientific studies, master’s and doctoral dissertations have been published. The understanding of the client’s needs, the benefits of the client and the appropriate services he needs, .

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy

Rules for dealing with others:

Since the beginning of creation and man by nature social, and hates unity, imagine yourself without people around you! This picture will actually live if you do not maintain your relationship with others, so you do not have to, you have some wonderful rules:
– Correct between you and God, God fit between you and others.
– salute those who know and do not know.
– Smile in the face of your colleague The smile predicts the psychology of the other party and explain the chest and pave the acquaintance and speech.
– Put yourself in the place of others and then hear them speak what you like to hear.
– Know the human style you are dealing with, then try to enter him through the appropriate style for him.
– Keep others’ feelings and choose your words carefully.
– Do not get angry.
– Be simple and inexpensive in dealing with others.
– Be humble and do your job.
– Let your talker tell you what he likes, and be a good listener.
– Of your promise, and the truth of your talk.
– Try Digital Cash Academy System to say thank you to those who have led you to a great service in itself.
– Recognize your mistakes and apologize if necessary apologize.

The customer service is the field of intense competition between companies, but the general interest in the survival of one company for another as the client is the reason for the existence of any business and in order for any company to maintain and maintain the customer to provide a distinctive service to him, the cost of attracting a new customer is five times the cost of retaining a customer Located at the facility.
There are several obstacles and difficulties in maintaining the client and providing good service to him. The most important of these is that the first person to meet the client face to face is a small employee and the least paid workers and the least trained may issue a misconduct distracts the customer from the company and does not stop at this point, His experience to other clients leads to the reluctance of many customers about the company’s goods or services.

Regardless of the name of any job, center, experience or salary, the company tries to train all employees and remind them that the first task is to attract and satisfy customers and maintain them through intensive training sessions on how to deal with others and how to talk and talk and look and listen to customers and on the occasion of male Listen I remember a situation that happened to me personally with someone I know was applying the saying “let your talk happen to you like and be a good listener” I was addressing him face to face and during the dialogue came to him a telephone call did not fill the contact so he did not look to the caller until I finished my talk. So Digital Cash Academy is important to know how to deal with others in order to attract them and keep them as continuous customers of the company.
Before you think of reducing the price or service you provide to save expenses under the general economic situation, make sure you do everything in your power to keep your customer who is the source of any return whatever size to your establishment.

Write premium content to improve your ranking in search engines

What ‘unique’ content means here is the originality of the words, phrases, and paragraphs used to produce the content. While Google loves new content and rich in useful parameters, it puts a special place in its algorithms for content that does not appear anywhere else.

Having unique content on your Lurn Summit website or blog is vital to enhance your rankings in the search engines and get advanced positions.

As Google points out: “Unique content is the main reason why users choose to visit your website instead of other sites. Unique content, and related content, is one of the most important characteristics of a good site. Whenever a site has high-quality, unique content, the better the user experience (and the longer visitors stay on your website for browsing and maybe for purchase), “he said.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

The problem for webmasters and bloggers when creating unique content is the time it takes to do so as the online demand for new things is never ending. So some people are trying to find quicker ways to do this. eCom Crusher may include publishing previously published or unprofessional articles, which are worthless, because content is often meaningless and is simply a way to place key keywords, or to publish others’ content (with and without permission).

While some of the ways to create such valuable content can lead to short-term gains, using an honest strategy that focuses on quality and originality when you publish content will bring you a long-term profit squeeze.

Original ideas, and the dissemination of valuable information are vital when producing good content. Yes, you can steal ideas and articles from others to target keywords, but as Google’s webmaster guidelines indicate:

“It’s very worthwhile to take the time to create the original content that distinguishes your website from others. This will encourage your visitors to come back to your site repeatedly and will provide useful search results. ”

Theory is undoubtedly sound. But writing original content is a challenge not easy. It’s not always easy to come up with new ideas, an exclusive review, a new, unique product, or be the first to provide some breaking news.

But originality does not necessarily mean “first.” Apple, for example, was not the first player in the world of MP3 players. But with its sleek design and iTunes music store, Apple gave its users the best digital music experience.

In terms of content, you can consider the idea of ​​a different angle, change the way an article is presented or provide more in-depth information than your competitors. Do not worry about being first. You have to be better than your predecessors.

The biggest weapon you have in pursuit of original content is you. The way you think, the way you handle things and the way you write are all original and unique to you. By harnessing this originality, you can use Lurn Summit to stand out and distinguish from others.

Learn Build Earn Review Is Learn Build Earn Scam Or Not?

Learn Build Earn Review Is Learn Build Earn Scam Or Not? E-marketing can be defined as a type of marketing for a particular product or service on the Internet. Where the Internet is now an important part of our daily lives, because it is a source of important sources to obtain information, competition in the traditional media in the dissemination of news or information such as newspapers, magazines and audio and video broadcasts. In addition to considering this network an important source of knowledge, The development of technical aids can create new space that can be invested in the marketing of certain goods or services and aids and the development of different ways of supporting the marketing process.

E-commerce and E-marketing

E-commerce can be seen as a concept for the dissemination and promotion of goods or services on the Internet. Given the excellence of the digital environment of the Internet, we are in dire need of digital means and means to promote and disseminate these goods online, Website, and to accept orders from customers who wish to purchase these goods or services.

In a quick reading of the e-marketing environment and the traditional environment, this convergence of components and ideas goes together in two balanced lines, while the difference is in the Learn Build Earn way or the way the marketing and publishing process takes place. Hence, some traditional trade models and concepts are reflected in e-commerce. We now supply some e-commerce models in short

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

tBusiness-to-Business Model B2B

This model relies on the exchange of companies’ marketing relationships among themselves. An example of this type of trade can be cited here. Some companies, for example, manufacture display cards or sound cards and sell them to computer manufacturers to assemble and sell them later.

Business-to-Consumer Model B2C

This model relies on a company providing a specific product or service to its customers or customers.

Peer-to-Peer Model P2P

This is the least common form of marketing, where people market products or services among themselves.

It should be noted that the beginning was with the second model B2C followed by the first model B2B, which is more complex compared to other models.

If we look at e-marketing, we consider the way in which online publishing and distribution are carried out. These are the mechanisms that distinguish traditional marketing from its e-counterpart through the use of search engines, for example in the process of advertising and promoting websites or using e-mail techniques to gain more Customers and product identification and other methods adopted and known in the world of marketing.

Advantages of E-marketing

The Internet environment is now widespread, and because of the technological development and the speed of browsing it is easy to get any information about a product or service on the Internet, and it is possible to acquire that product and get it in a short time; so that any marketer to promote his goods And sell it beyond the territorial limits of its place, and enter into the goods of the limits of universality, which guarantees at least more popular for that product or service. In short, e-marketing has made it possible to obtain a product or service without time or place.

E-marketing contributes to the opening of the field or to everyone to market their goods or experiences without distinguishing between the giant company with huge capital and the ordinary person or small company with limited resources.

The mechanisms and methods of e-marketing are characterized by low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing mechanisms. Of course, we can not forget the possibility of adapting the costs of the design of the online store, advertising and advertising free or paid in accordance with the budget set for him, while it seems difficult to apply such mechanisms to the traditional business .

Using the software technologies associated with the e-marketing environment and advertising in this digital environment, it is simply possible to evaluate and measure the success of an advertising campaign, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and the geographical distribution of the targeted segments of these campaigns and other seemingly difficult targets When using traditional means.

The Disadvantages Of E-Marketing

Consumer acceptance may not be available for purchase through the Internet.
The existence of some delusional companies; whether casual companies or consumer companies.
Lack of confidentiality in dealing; it may be broken and access to corporate information by hackers.
Consumers do not keep pace with electronic development.

Is Nova Investments APP Trading SCAM By Michael Newberry Or LEGIT?

Is Nova Investments APP Trading SCAM By Michael Newberry Or LEGIT? The use of information and trading platforms these days is critical to the success of trading in financial markets. The advantages of these systems compared to traditional trading systems include, for example, unprecedented speed in processing and delivering information to end-users and a distinct level of integration with data providers as well as a wide range of integrated technical analysis tools.

At the same time, an investor who opens an account with a broker can not simply manage immediate analysis as well as trading in about four or six financial assets in multiple markets that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This in turn brings the need to use automated trading systems within the operating environment and with the user and server parts as well as the programs that control these systems or so-called scripts.

2. Comparative analysis of problem area

The components of the trading platform should provide customers, brokers, dealers, traders, financial analysts and consultants with the service they want at the very moment they need, from immediate and instantaneous access to data of interest to multimedia including mobile devices to the multiplex trading process at the main client terminal.

The software market provides a large number of information and trading platforms that differ first in the function of the client and server parts, also the list of services provided by the financial company once the customer opens an account. However, relatively few software solutions include the components needed to automate trade.

2.1. MetaTrader 4 – based solutions

One of the most widely used trading platforms in the world is Metatrader 4, which MetaQuotes has provided for software specifically for the Forex market. The trading platform includes the integrated development environment – which enables the writing of multiple scripts using a language called MetaQuotes called MQL4. The installation of this trading language depends mainly on the classical C language and the logical flow has not changed significantly since the previous version of the trading platform, which used MQL II as a programming language. The automated trading window is undoubtedly a development from the previous version. Both languages ​​have characteristics that work well with a symmetrical set of integrated trading and use functions that are still sufficient to perform all basic processes and facilitate the identification of client functions in a way that helps them implement non-stereotyped ideas.

In terms of programming, MQL4 looks more appropriate than its predecessors; this language is better targeted to professional programmers. MQL II, in my opinion, suits most financial experts who want to build trading platforms (or MetaQuotes trading consultant).

2.2. Omaga based solutions

In the New World, the vast majority of companies use OMGA research platforms developed by TradeStation Securities. This platform has long proved its importance in the global markets and so far experts consider it the best system for technical analysis – purification provided by the IDE, which claims PowerEditor intends to create software controls through the language EasyLanguage (EL).

The main advantage of this language is the ease (hence the name) in placing open and close orders. The accompanying program instructions can be written as if we are drafting a trading order with the broker we work with using the normal human language. While in MQL4, for example, placing a trading order to open a certain position requires identifying about ten different parameters. While in EasyLanguage the same can be done using a short sentence with limited words. Working with technical indicators is also easy, but we should not fall under the illusion that when making these simple commands, language developers can sacrifice their function as they limit the ways to use a particular function and effectively deprive IDE users of the opportunity to execute accurately Their algorithms.

TTradeStation decided not to create large libraries of built-in trading and utility functions but decided to only reduce a limited number of core functions. As the trading platform progresses, the number of jobs that can be written by inbound and outbound developers has grown. TradeStation simply incorporates them with user-defined functions within their own scripting repository. As a result, the functionality provided to users is no less scarce than that found in the MetaQuotes product.

PowerEditor provides a built-in dictionary that allows the user to search and get help through the available functions. One of the tools worthy of mention is the use of strategy building, which enables the user to create basic algorithms for his trading program and then modify and adjust as necessary.

EasyLanguage is one of the oldest and leading languages ​​in the field of automated trading systems associated with the stock market. They are considered the basis for the development of MQL II. EasyLanguage is a good choice for programmers but it is best for financial experts who target market analysis more than trading.

Nova APP
Nova APP Results

2.3. ProTrader-based solutions

Professional financial experts can choose ProTrader2 or ProTraderFX platforms as their main business tool depending on the financial market they are trading in, whether it’s the stock market or Forex, respectively. Both trading platforms were developed and supported by PFSoft LLC. The advanced ProTrader language, which was developed by the IDE provider PTL, also gives the opportunity to execute scripts through the languages ​​MQLII, MQL4 and EasyLanguage. Therefore, the program’s text has been translated into stable language codes. So it does not matter when the script is written. Michael Newberry Nova APP technology enables rolling not only the manufacture of new scripts but also makes it possible to use the accumulated set of other scripts that other experienced traders have created.

The basic idea in the development of the new programming language was to ensure maximum reliability and productivity while running the scripts. The PTL language is designed to reduce the possibility of errors in user-typed script that are potentially dangerous, so they are detected before the script itself is launched.

Regardless of the programming language chosen, the platform will deal with managed code while running the script. This technology developed by Microsoft enables proper handling of errors that can be detected before the work of the script. This means that the program will not fail or perform any undesirable operations that may be caused by serious errors in writing the script or damage caused by another program which may result in the loss of the account holder.

The origin of the PTL provided by IDE will benefit both financial experts and programmers, thanks to its support for multiple programming languages ​​also through tools provided by the examiner and debugger.

2.4. Compare Solutions

IDE languages ​​listed above have their own set of advantages. The table below provides a comparison of the capabilities of each.

3. Ways of making automated trading systems and recommendations on their use

It goes without saying that the choice of information and trading platforms should be taken seriously and for those who plan to use one of the automated trading systems in their work we will remind them some important points that we recommend to follow based on our personal experience.

3.1. Choose the environment

In the first place you must define the type of tasks that the automated trading system will undertake and which may include:

Actual Trading: Open and close trading positions on selected financial assets.

Secondary support functions. This may include placing protective orders, working and sending reports and notifications.

Analyze the market using different technical analysis tools and using your algorithms. Now that you have studied user comments online and may consult your own broker you can go ahead and get a sense of the programs offered. I personally strongly love not only have a quick glance but also to test the system for a day or two. Fortunately, most major companies give you a chance to register And get a test program for the test. Therefore, both the requirements of the IDE and the tools that work with it must also pay attention to the reliability and security of the control software created using the IDE.

3.2. Create a control program

If you are planning to create your scripts, take your time by studying the documentation related to the programming language and the integrated development environment. Of course, the automated trading system to be organized professionally, the scripts must be written by qualified experts in the field of programming and money. If you want to use one of the classic programs and remember that most of them will be by experience and by nature and will be to test the automated trading system or to use as a basis for your programs, but as sufficient solutions or ready to use are useless soon.

If you decide to use software written by third-party developers, you should keep in mind that these solutions have to be paid for. The cost of the innovative trading strategy ranges from $ 300 to $ 500, but the cost of polished strategies that use advanced sports and economic techniques, especially for winners and contestants in automated trading system competitions, may exceed $ 1000.

3.3. Test Scripts

When using automated trading systems, you should test scripts. The testing procedure is as follows:

1. Test the software in the Script Lab (if this feature is available in the IDE) several times. Change the time frame of the graph, rolling asset, and program settings. Try adjusting the settings to be close to the actual state of the market.

2. Test the script on the demo account (if available) At this stage it is important to leave the program running for a long time and enough (this is determined by the time frame of the graph). Do not stop testing the software as soon as it results in a big gain or loss. The benefit of script can be estimated only after it has been operating for a long period of time.

3. Run the script on a real account. At this point you may not be advised to interfere in the script, for example, such as closing the centers that opened or modify the settings because you are by this heart of the internal logic of the program.

3.4. How not to fall prey to tricks when choosing script

Remember that there are no programs that are absolutely perfect for this Do not let them sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have a profitable system, would you sell it? Nova APP System is the only advice for a thorough and thorough test that enables you to get a real impression of the script being displayed.

Script vendors typically describe their program or product according to the results they have obtained through their own tests. In most cases these results may not be neutral. Remember that the test of the script must be done at multiple historical prices while relying on one historical period that can show amazing results but not useful. Based on the NFL theory, it is fair to say that it is impossible to create a script that gives the best results for all existing assets.

Some professional programmers use complex mathematical tools to provide their programs with artificial nerve networks. Prediction and evaluation algorithms are no longer surprising. It is also not recommended to exaggerate using such complex algorithms as prediction because they are highly sensitive to errors or incorrect parameter settings. While simple charts will not help the financial advisor significantly when it comes to generate signals trading and therefore can be used only to raise the sale price of the script.

4. Conclusion

In this article, no programming rules, consulting systems, or any likes to write scripts in specific software or languages ​​are discussed. In these subjects there are full volumes written as well as a large number of articles. The main objective was to present a number of points of view and points which we believe, despite their importance, have not been adequately covered in the current publications.

So can automated trading systems be considered an enemy or an ally? When used carefully and without any prior provisions, the automated trading system can facilitate the work of the financial expert and enables him to make profits. But when used incorrectly or not fully tested or the existence of settings that change often, the automated trading system will lose money entrusted to him.

Remember that the automated trading system will not do the whole job or you will not rest any effort in its presence on your side. It can only be used to solve current problems and not add more.

8 Tips to Improve Your Forex Trading

It is well known that the vast majority of currency traders are unable to make profits. However, on the other hand, we believe that many people can greatly increase their chances of success by following these simple tips.

Start from a demo account

If you are a new trader with Aria APP Scam, do not risk losing your money by starting the trade quickly, because in most cases you will lose this money. So you have to start training through a trial account and even spend a few months in this matter or at least if you are keen to start faster, this training period should not be less than several weeks. The longer this period the better for you. And if you know I always have the curiosity to start trading Forex immediately!

Take your time while choosing the broker

Choosing a forex broker is never a task that must be accelerated. Especially as there are a large number of forex brokers and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. And then you can play the role of the person who is difficult to satisfy.

Spreads prices and how to execute are often the main factors for short term traders. Term traders are paying more attention to “swap” prices paid by brokers. Especially if you are interested in making money through interest rate differentials between different currencies, for example taking long positions on the AUD / JPY pair.

Make sure you know the full platform you are using

It may sound simple, right? But reading different forex forums may be surprising, seeing a large number of traders talking about committing some fundamental mistakes, such as setting up volumes for their incorrect trading orders, stop-loss orders, and taking profits.

Your trading platform is what you will always use in placing your trade orders, so it is vital that you know exactly how to use it from all sides. You can handle the demo account until you fully understand the trading platform and keep the execution on it by heart.

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Be a strategy and stick to it

Doing some hasty trades that are not part of a coherent trade strategy often ends with the trader crying. So it is imperative that you have a clear strategy to stick to it after being tested well. Therefore, you should never deviate from your strategy even if it sometimes seems tempting to do so.

Test your strategy in the past and in the future first

Many forex traders prefer to do what is called the BAC test for their trading strategy. This process simply means trying the strategy on the historical price of a currency pair. In order to show the trader whether his strategy would have performed well if used in the past. There may be nothing wrong with this, but on the contrary it is useful. But the success of your strategy through its experience of historical prices is not a sure guarantee of its success when you use it in the future. Perhaps the reason for the success of the BAC test is that you often take a “suitable curve” to some extent.

So just make sure your strategy is successful through the bac test, you should also test it on a demo account for a few months before you actually use it on your real account.

Use sound risk management rules

You should always follow a strong strategy in managing the risks associated with Forex trading and never deviate from it. For example, you may not risk more than 2% of your Delta APP Scam account balance in one trade. You might also prefer to move the stop to the break even if your trade is a 1% winner. Whatever you decide you’ll always stick to it.

Never chase the market

I know that sometimes it is tempting to trade only to keep “in the market”, but you have to be patient enough to determine the best entry points. This will help you greatly reduce the risk of your trade and then enhance your chance to end it positively.

Do not be arrogant or arrogant

Sometimes you can turn into an arrogant person, especially if you are able to make profits in a row and in a large number of trading centers, as this may lead you to believe that you are the invincible person. This can lead to reckless decisions. That’s why you should always remember as you trade Forex that you are a small fish in a big pond. You should always respect this fact so that you keep a successful person.